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One day at a time, one moment at a time, one step at a time.  That’s how I learned how to walk in this world, and that’s how I’ll learn how to run in it.  That’s how I’ll learn to be still in it.  That’s how I’ll learn how to love in it.

This site is meant to be an encouragement as we all seek out healing through

Emily Pic with Treetransformation.  Jesus saw beauty in the ashes, he sees life in the dry bones, he loves through the pain we experience, and he is safe in a world that is scary.

I have tried leading through only showing my strengths and wound up at a dead end.  I am transforming.  I am being stretched, learning that connecting through brokenness and finding God’s strength in our weakness can give us a power we haven’t tapped into, a power greater than ourselves.

There is healing to be found in the arms of Jesus.  We all fall short, we all miss the mark, we all have been abused, but the story of our life doesn’t end there.  God will use your tender soul, he sees strength out of the darkest areas of your life.

This site is all about seeking out his love, learning what it means to be loved, feeling scared but remembering we aren’t alone.  Trusting in God as we stand on a table with our arms crossed and eyes shut as we fall back believing His arms will break our fall.

Falling into His arms.  That’s where I am at, and that is what this site is all about.

You’re invited, I want you to come too.  Let’s fall into freedom together.

Make this a home of comfort for your heart as we point it back to the heart of Jesus.  May you find rest here.  Stay awhile.  Click on the Blog tab under the menu icon and find a post of encouragement for you today.

Emily with hat and coffeeGrab a cup of coffee or a nice hot tea, get into that comfy spot on the couch with your favorite blanket and be lifted up my friend.

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