The {Inner} Freedom Initiative Podcast

The {Inner} Freedom Initiative is all about igniting a fire in your life to begin a lasting journey of living each moment FREE from all the emotional bondage and baggage we carry around with us everyday.

You were never meant to live with chains around your ankles and some of the worst punishment you can do to yourself is carry around the hurt, pain, shame, regret, disgust, abuse, conviction, trauma, sadness, anxiety, and experiences of yesterday.

These burdens are holding you back from the future and potential that is in front of you. I would even argue for something more immediate, it’s robbing you of PEACE that you should be feeling right now.

It’s time to release.  It’s time to walk in FREEDOM.

Here’s the definition I found for Inner Freedom:

“A sense of inner freedom is one of the characteristics of spiritual awakening and an open and unlimited mind. This freedom has nothing to do with one’s circumstances, location, financial situation or any other external situation. It is an inner feeling, accompanied by a calm mind, and is not dependent on external conditions.”

Friends, I couldn’t agree more, and that is what The {Inner} Freedom Initiative is all about.  To influence people to find and feel freedom from the emotional bondage holding them back right now.  You are your own worst enemy at the attacks you place on your life, it’s time to get yourself a mental attorney and fight back against the voices and bondage proclaiming you have lost your worth.

Everyone that stumbles onto this page has a different story, a different situation, and a different past.  All of which I cannot change.  But how thankful are we that we shouldn’t need our circumstances to change to find {Inner} Freedom.  Our financial situation shouldn’t dictate our {Inner} Freedom, our relationship status shouldn’t dictate our {Inner} Freedom, and our Past shouldn’t dictate our {Inner} Freedom.  No one can take this from you.

Here’s what that means:

If you are homeless – you can still have {Inner} Freedom today.

If you are single – you can still have {Inner} Freedom today.

If you are divorced – you can still have {Inner} Freedom today.

If you were abused – you can still have {Inner} Freedom today.

If you have regrets – you can still have {Inner} Freedom today.

If you have an ugly past – you can still have {Inner} Freedom today.

It’s time to release.  It’s time to walk with {Inner} FREEDOM.  Time to claim the title and not allow anyone or any situation to rob you of that PEACE.  Stick with us and hear all the different ways how.

The {Inner} Freedom Initiative Podcast has launched and you can tune in today on iTunes or Soundcloud by following these links:


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