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He Goes Before You


Take care of yourself friends. Take good care of yourself. ================ But, be prepared…that when you take care of yourself others might not respect it or understand it. You may even look like an insensitive jerk for setting boundaries, but you’re not.  ================ Take good care of yourself friends. The people who don’t respect your healthy boundaries just don’t have boundaries, so they don’t understand yours. ================ #wordsfromafriend
Listen to me friends…YOU were made to SOAR!!!!! Don’t let anyone tell you that your wings have been clipped. Go. Do. Live. Dream. Big. Serve. Care. Love. Listen. #wordsfromafriend
Thinking isn’t the solution to all your problems. Thinking can actually sink you into a deeper problem when your thinking interrupts God’s truth. #wordsfromafriend
We should love people like they have an untold story. If you heard their story I know your heart would change. BUT…can you love them without even hearing it?
Assume everyone believes in you
What if we made bold decisions today making the assumption that the people around us were FOR us! We spend too much time waiting to hear people’s approval, let’s just make decisions confident in our calling and passionate about being difference makers. Go and Do friends!!!
Teach someone to love you
So many people surface some of their greatest hurts from the pain they feel in having to teach people how to love them. #wordsfromafriend

Invite Friends in

I’m always amazed at the magic that takes place because I simply invited someone in. #wordsfromafriend
Care about everyone else
There’s a difference between aspiring to be like your surroundings, and aspiring to love and care for the people in your surroundings.
That person
The more stories I hear from people, the more I realize how common it is for us to all have “that person” in our life. It will be the first person that comes to mind when you read this image.
Quiet and Still
Every time I learn something in a new season, it causes me to reevaluate the things I spent most of my life learning. #wordsfromafriend
Don’t be afraid to acknowledge the parts of yourself that need some assessment and attention. #wordsfromafriend
Presence and Kindness
We overcomplicate the simplicity in how to care for our friends. Just be present. Just be kind. #wordsfromafriend
Just be kind
When my head swirls with ‘what if scenarios’ of all that could go wrong and all that could get misinterpreted, this reels me in every time.
Just be kind. Don’t worry about the rest.
What matters the most
I wish this one wasn’t true.
But after living this one out myself, and now watching my friends learn this in a very real way today, I am convinced, that even in the middle of pain, and loss, and sacrifice, and tragedy, our eyes become opened to the beauty all around us of what really matters to us the most.


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