Marital Puberty

Puberty was an awful, uncomfortable, and weird stage of life I wish to forget, but we all grow through it and need it for our bodies to grow. What if other areas of our life, like our Marriages, go through puberty to morph us as well.

10 Reasons why I Hate Porn

Porn is a real issue that more people need to talk about and hear the reality of what it does to relationships and to yourself. Here's my passionate thoughts on such a real issue.

I want Proof

I want proof. I hear about God’s love, I’ve heard about grace, I’ve been told I’ve been adopted, and I have listened to the voices saying they are with me and won’t leave my side. BUT, I want proof. I want more. I don’t believe it. It doesn’t make sense. My brain can’t comprehend this... Continue Reading →

Losing My Best Friend

*Written 2017 There’s a puzzle piece that’s been missing from my life, one that I am just now fully understanding. There are some puzzles that you can still see the picture when a piece is missing, but the size of the missing piece determines how much of the picture we are missing. I think I... Continue Reading →

Sanitation Grade for your Life

What is one of the first things you do when you walk into a new restaurant? You probably either first look at the menu to see if it is worth sitting down to get a table, or you check the sanitation grade that should be hanging somewhere close to the entrance. The sanitation grade is... Continue Reading →

Dating “Wisdom”

I’m in a relationship. I think you are in one too. But first let’s remember some of our past. I know you don’t want to, but just take this walk with me for a minute, it will be worth it. Do you remember being in a relationship as a child? You know when you didn’t... Continue Reading →

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