Fresh Starts

January, a Fresh Start.  Time to box up 2017 and look forward to collecting all that this new year holds.  We are a few weeks into all the hopes and expectations we put into this year already.  The gyms are still full and the donut lines are still shorter than they were a month ago.  We are heading into this year with some great traction. Here's why I love Fresh Starts.

10-day Prayer Challenge, who wants to join me?

We all go through periods in our life when we need a cleanse, a detox, a start over for our body. Spring is usually when we do this with our bodies getting ready for that bathing suit we aren't ready to wear at the pool yet. But what about the inside? What about our soul? Making time for cleansing our mind and renewing our soul needs to be another major thing on our to do list.

Piercing Reminders

I have a nail in my pocket today. If you are a wife whose husband is in construction you know the importance of having to check their pant pockets before you do laundry. You will here the crackle and dings all throughout the machine if you don’t empty their pockets from all the nails, drill... Continue Reading →


There was an act that took place over 2000 years ago. We hear its story told and retold every year. The story of our Savior Jesus Christ dying the indescribable death on a cross. This is a history lesson. A past event that describes love overcoming death. We look back at this story, thankful that... Continue Reading →

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