**SNEAK PEAK** at my upcoming book THROUGH THE STORM

I'm so excited to share a piece of my upcoming book THROUGH THE STORM with my friends and supporters. Take a look at this sneak peak I'm sharing today as we get closer to getting published!! / /PLEASE SHARE/ / You never know who in your life is silently struggling and can use this resource in their life.

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. It's ALL been redeemed! We can preach redemption, talk about it in small circles, or read about it in encouraging books; but, to believe redemption is to express it. To not just see it as an "it" but to treat someone like a "who". To look 👀 someone in the eyes... Continue Reading →

Grace Delivered

There's a package on my doorstep with 'Grace' written on the top of it. I'm trying to figure out if I should open it. Did I do something to get it? Do I deserve this special reward? But If I think I deserve it, I might not fully understand it. If I think I need... Continue Reading →

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