Grace Delivered

There’s a package on my doorstep with ‘Grace’ written on the top of it. I’m trying to figure out if I should open it. Did I do something to get it? Do I deserve this special reward?
But If I think I deserve it, I might not fully understand it.
If I think I need to earn it, I may never fully find it.
If I wait to accept it once my life looks like the One who gave it, I will never know the humility in opening the gift I am unworthy of.
Grace is given freely. What’s with all my questions?
It’s the package on my doorstep I continually walk over. The gift I am afraid to open.  The box I am afraid to bring inside.
The package I feel was delivered to the wrong house.
But it was meant for me. Just the way I am.
I’m bringing it in, I’m opening it.
I feel unworthy of it.
I feel blessed because I didn’t earn it.
I am in awe that I don’t deserve it.
Thank you Jesus for this package of Grace on my doorstep!

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