Relentless pursuit in Marriage

My friend Sandra Weber is RELENTLESS! She is the host of The Relentless Podcast where she digs deep into helping her listeners learn more about being Relentless in their Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health. As a provider in Integrative Bodywork she sees first hand how the physical body and emotional health are interconnected. I help... Continue Reading →

I am NOT who you say I am.

I am NOT who you say I am. I am NOT who you say I am. I am NOT who you say I am. I'm having to repeat this over and over again because my thoughts can get fixated on the negative and I quickly forget the positive. Anyone else get stuck there?

New Podcast LAUNCHED!!

It's time to break the stigma of self-care and start a movement of being emotionally set FREE in the areas that are holding you back in your life. This podcast initiative is going to just that.

**SNEAK PEAK** at my upcoming book THROUGH THE STORM

I'm so excited to share a piece of my upcoming book THROUGH THE STORM with my friends and supporters. Take a look at this sneak peak I'm sharing today as we get closer to getting published!! / /PLEASE SHARE/ / You never know who in your life is silently struggling and can use this resource in their life.

Ever feel unworthy, tossed aside, invisible, or not good enough? There’s some good news for you today.

I am constantly evolving.  The skin of my character is constantly shedding and forming new birth. The iron of my faith is constantly being sharpened and prepared for new battles. The weight of baggage on my back is constantly being lifted and set free. And my perspective is constantly gaining a new prescription alongside compassion.... Continue Reading →

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