Relentless pursuit in Marriage

My friend Sandra Weber is RELENTLESS! She is the host of The Relentless Podcast where she digs deep into helping her listeners learn more about being Relentless in their Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health.

As a provider in Integrative Bodywork she sees first hand how the physical body and emotional health are interconnected.

I help people with emotional health and she works on the physical, so when she invited me on her podcast for a REAL conversation about the stigma of counseling, the relational struggles in marriage, and how she notices emotional issues putting strain on her clients physical body – it was a beautiful and in-depth discussion.

We both have the common vision of seeking whole body health while bringing our life lessons to our clients.

We also spent time in this interview with my husband and I sharing vulnerable parts of healing in our marriage and sneak peaks from my book Through the Storm.

You’ve got to check out this YouTube interview below, and I’ll list the Podcast links under it. (And we’ll do a Live Giveaway Thursday night if you follow us over on Facebook/IG at @emilyrosefunderburklpc @thesandraweber)

Subscribe to her podcast or checkout the interview at:

itunes –

Google Play –


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