DAY 7: 10-Day Prayer Challenge

Have you been living in a world with God where you shoot text messages all week long and forget to make a phone call? It's time to make a call, read today's encouragement before your prayer today...

DAY 6: 10-Day Prayer Challenge

Have you ever thought about the difference between going outside for a walk or a run? Both have physical benefits, but are good for us in different ways. Prayers can be a similar experience, read more to hear how they connect...

DAY 5: 10-Day Challenge

At a Minor League Charlotte Knights Baseball Game we had a relaxing evening as a family.  The first 6 innings were fun to watch, but we were losing to the Durham Bulls.  The boys were there just waiting for a Home Run with the excitement that comes with watching the ball fly over that fence. ... Continue Reading →

DAY 4: 10-Day Prayer Challenge

My kids have no idea how many times we have saved their lives! Crossing the street, choking on food, jumping off the top bunk with a quick catch, and so many others they’ve never even noticed. They owe us a bigger debt than they would ever be able to pay for all the unnoticed times that we have rescued them from certain death without their even awareness...

DAY 3: 10-Day Prayer Challenge

On the radio yesterday I heard one of those songs they play over and over again. You know one of those songs that you hear so often that you don’t even hear it playing. You know the melody, but the lyrics you haven’t really paid attention to. Well, until you go through a tough time in your life, then all of a sudden you hear all the lyrics playing to all the songs you’ve never fully taken note of before.

Songs on Repeat and Books – May 2017

Here is our list of what we have been up to with reading and music over the month of May, hope it serves as encouragement for you and a reminder to us to look back on later. We'd love to hear some of your recommendations!

10-day Prayer Challenge, who wants to join me?

We all go through periods in our life when we need a cleanse, a detox, a start over for our body. Spring is usually when we do this with our bodies getting ready for that bathing suit we aren't ready to wear at the pool yet. But what about the inside? What about our soul? Making time for cleansing our mind and renewing our soul needs to be another major thing on our to do list.

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