Loved Recklessly

Just sit in it for a moment and recognize that you are loved, right here, right now. No more wishing or hoping, just understanding right where you are at that you are LOVED.

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. It's ALL been redeemed! We can preach redemption, talk about it in small circles, or read about it in encouraging books; but, to believe redemption is to express it. To not just see it as an "it" but to treat someone like a "who". To look¬†ūüĎĬ†someone in the eyes... Continue Reading →

Whispers of Hope

What would you say if you got that chance to go back in time and talk to yourself yesterday, or even further back? It may sound impossible, but there is a way to whisper through time.

A Cry for Help (Psalm 143)

Have you ever experienced turning to God in a cry for help? There are times when we ask nicely that He show up, and times that we desperately plea to Him to be present in an overwhelming hard place in our life. We can turn to Him through our greatest joys, our darkest days, and our search for hope in impossible circumstances. (Click the link to read today's encouragement) a-cry-for-help-psalm-143

Day 10: 10-Day Prayer Challenge (with video)

I can't think of a better way of finishing up our 10-Day Prayer Challenge besides doing a video so that we can connect on this final day and say the prayer together.  Watch today's video to hear the encouragement for today along with our prayer:

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