DAY 7: 10-Day Prayer Challenge

Do you remember a day before texting?  It seems so faint in my mind, and some of you may not even know life before texting.  When you had to fully make a phone call or send an email to talk to someone, to let them know what you’re thinking, or to let them know you are thinking about them.  You had to go through all the small talk of “hey, how’s it going?” just to get to the point of why you called them in the first place.  There was even such a thing as social and electronic mannerisms to go through before getting straight to the point.

Today we have texting!  A shortcut version of a quick interaction.  A phone call or email isn’t even necessary for the fast-action and immediate encounter of a text.  There is not even a real system for etiquette on a text, and we even have pictures (emoji’s) to help us represent all we want to say without even using words.  We can bypass words altogether and still manage to get our point across; what advancement our world has entered into with just the creation of the “text”.

As fast as I have forgotten a world without texting we can lose the importance and power in a conversational prayer with our Heavenly Father.  It becomes so easy to text Him when we lose our keys and say “Holy Crap!” or to shoot Him a text in the car when all our kids are screaming and we send him the message, “Jesus help me!”.

How often does it go completely unnoticed to us that we have been texting our God all week long without taking the time to make a phone call?  To sit with him a bit, to conversate, to humble ourselves before Him, and to praise Him and invite Him into our day of chaos.

Texting can be a great way to maintain a relationship with our friends, but the closest people in our lives we can benefit from the intimate encounters of being with each other in phycial or mental presence.

Do you have time in your day today to make a phone call?  Could you make time in your day to see if you even remember His phone number to dial it up?  On Day 7 of the Prayer Challenge let’s continue to be reminded of who God is and the power that comes when we ask Him to be a part of our lives.  To have a conversation with our God as He fills our lives with ALL that He is as we slowly let go of the trap this world entangles us in.  Here’s a little help with your phone call today:

Lord Jesus, 

You are Lord of all the earth and yet you know my name.  You are great, you are grand, you are glorious, and yet you sit by my side and care for my heart.  I am thankful for you God.  Not just for what you have done or what I know you will do, I praise you for being the God that you are, and the God I never want to stop drawing closer to.  Bring me in closer today as I renew my heart to form it more like yours. 

Infect me.  May I feel your Spirit dwell in my veins.  Become a part of my being.  Help all that I am morph into all that you are.  

Cleanse me Lord from the world that has snared me.  Release me from this poison mixed in with my blood from this earthly flesh.  Help me to feel the blood of Jesus cleansing the parts of my soul that are broken. 

Renew me.  Refresh my heartrestart my mind, and recharge my body that it be fueled with the fire of your spirit.  Take reign in this place, take reign over the crevices of dirt and dust hidden in the corners of my inner being.  Heal me Lord, in the way only you can.  

Make me new.  Make me like you.  You bring life Lord, live in me!

Deliver me, every part of me.  I belong to you.  Rid me of all things that don’t belong here in your child.  Break the bonds of forces connected to me that are not connected to you.  Release me from the spirits that have no home here in your vessel.  

You are my home.  The authority of Jesus on the Cross and overcoming the face of death and the grave is my victory, my hope, and my proclamation today.  Let the truth of who you are, and the alive presence that you have within me consume me today so that nothing can thwart what you are doing in and through me.  

I am yours Lord, and I am unworthy.  Consume me to be used by you, to be intimate with your love so that I don’t chase it anywhere else.  I invite you into my heart, into my mind, and part of my body Lord.  

You are my King.  Let me feel the authority and title of what it means to be your child.  To be known by youprotected by youcared for by youloved by you and the Daughter/Son of a King.  

Remind me of who you are, I praise you for who you are.  Help me to live today remembering that who you are is developing me to be who I am transforming to be.  Guide my decisions today Lord that they walk in line with your truth. Let your light shine through me for the world to see more of you and less of me. 

I believe in your power Lord, and I believe you are alive in me.  Restore me Lord that I may reflect the image that you have created within me.  


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