Set out on a Journey

There are soft words in my life that whisper kindness, and echo hints of truth if only I will listen.

Instead I find value and meaning in loud voices that mix up what is true and what is from this world.  Separating the two will be a struggle.  A constant tug of war for my soul that I am tired of losing at.

There is hope.  A hope louder than all the voices telling me if I’m good enough, telling me to believe the lies, and painting pictures of easy rescue routes that only lead to torment.  I am going to unplug my ears now, scared of what will happen but hopeful to hear a different set of words in my life.  Words of truth, anchored in hope, and everlasting to the quench of my soul.

My hope is in Jesus, I just need to figure out what that means, how to taste it, how to feel it, and how to know it so tightly that his words speak louder than the voices that haunt my life.

I am on a journey.  Won’t you join me?


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