Some of you need permission to do this. You might have been told: “Just get over it”.

I am NOT who you say I am.

I am NOT who you say I am. I am NOT who you say I am. I am NOT who you say I am. I'm having to repeat this over and over again because my thoughts can get fixated on the negative and I quickly forget the positive. Anyone else get stuck there?

He Goes Before You

When our friends are hurting, it's easy for us to say, "God is going before you". It's one thing to say it, and an ENTIRELY different thing to actually believe it.

Fresh Starts

January, a Fresh Start.  Time to box up 2017 and look forward to collecting all that this new year holds.  We are a few weeks into all the hopes and expectations we put into this year already.  The gyms are still full and the donut lines are still shorter than they were a month ago.  We are heading into this year with some great traction. Here's why I love Fresh Starts.

A New Way of Feeling Blessed

Blessed even when things aren't going the way you want them to and even when things aren't where you'd like them to be, and even when you aren't feeling like much of a blessing. This isn't making sense, unless we lean in a bit further.

Loved Recklessly

Just sit in it for a moment and recognize that you are loved, right here, right now. No more wishing or hoping, just understanding right where you are at that you are LOVED.

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