He Goes Before You

When our friends are hurting, it's easy for us to say, "God is going before you". It's one thing to say it, and an ENTIRELY different thing to actually believe it.

**SNEAK PEAK** at my upcoming book THROUGH THE STORM

I'm so excited to share a piece of my upcoming book THROUGH THE STORM with my friends and supporters. Take a look at this sneak peak I'm sharing today as we get closer to getting published!! / /PLEASE SHARE/ / You never know who in your life is silently struggling and can use this resource in their life.

Ever feel unworthy, tossed aside, invisible, or not good enough? There’s some good news for you today.

I am constantly evolving.  The skin of my character is constantly shedding and forming new birth. The iron of my faith is constantly being sharpened and prepared for new battles. The weight of baggage on my back is constantly being lifted and set free. And my perspective is constantly gaining a new prescription alongside compassion.... Continue Reading →

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