Daddy-Daughter Disagreements

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I am in the other room with my SuperMom ears overhearing the sweetest voice of my 3-year-old having a disagreement with her Father.  Their conversations are always worth listening into.  A preschool little girl talking to her Daddy as if he is also 3-years-old, and a 32-year-old man talking to his daughter as if she was 32 as well.  They are too cute together.

mad little girl image
Today’s dateline news special has to do with where in the house Rosalee’s blankie’s are located.  She is adamant that they are not in the basement, and Matt is trying to explain to her that he is going to the basement to turn the lights off.  She doesn’t get it, why is he going down there when I told him it’s not down there? “You’re going the wrong way” she keeps saying to him.    She is confused, getting frustrated and feeling completely misinterpreted by the man who helped teach her to speak and form sentences in the first place.  According to her request, Daddy is going the wrong way!!

Listening to them, I hear their frustration rising at one another.  They are both speaking English but having two separate conversations.  I hear Matt reiterate over and over to her, “I know your blanket isn’t down here, I’ll be right back, I am just turning off the lights”.

She has no comprehension that he has another agenda, that what he is accomplishing is something bigger than finding the source of her requested immediate comfort.  He is protecting us.  He is turning off the lights, locking the doors, and getting the house ready for everyone to restfully fall asleep.  “I know you want your blankie before you fall asleep, but first, I want to make sure you will be safe to fall asleep”, this is in essence what he is trying to say to the 3-year-old whose whole world and biggest crisis in the universe at this moment is locating her blankets of warmth and protection, all while arguing with her Daddy who is trying to provide her with more protection and safety than that blanket will ever be able to provide.

How common a disagreement in this house, but even more, how common am I the 3-year-old little girl who can’t comprehend what God is doing with my life when I am only fixated on today’s moments of requests and needs for immediate answers?  How often am I the one praying for God to give me a blanket for today and feel a disagreement as He is trying to do something bigger in my life?  How numerous is it that I come to my Father and speak to him with requests for today when he has the week, the month, and this year and beyond in his sights?

I forget who I am talking to.
  I talk to God like I know more, when in reality I am talking to my big God and hearing Him speak back something bigger than I want to hear or can fully understand at that moment.  “That’s not what I asked you God” is what I say back to Him.  And He is trying to remind me that we are having two different conversations about the same thing.  “I’ll take care of you, but I need to do this first so that I can completely cover you”.daddy daughter sunset image

What a good Father we have, and how blessed I am to be His daughter!  The best SuperMom I can be is to understand that I need to be a SuperDaughter to a God that I don’t fully understand but that I trust loves me and has my best interests to glorify His name in mind.  I trust Him, and I know my place before Him, but I forget too quickly that I am only 3-years-old talking to a Father who has my whole entire life in His hands.  He has a plan for our life that is bigger than our tiniest request and He goes to bat for us behind the scenes in ways we will never see.  He is our Father, He is for us, and I want to talk to Him with the obedience in knowing that He knows better than me how to answer whatever today’s crisis seems to be.

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  1. God blesses you! You touch my heart with your beautiful insight!
    Life hurts, it’s tough. Sometimes it’s an uphill climb. But, so was Calvary and because of HIS enormous love poured out on that hill, we are called to remember that Love and to live in the Joy and Hope HE has given us!


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