What’s with Birthdays? 3 Reminders why we say ‘Happy Birthday’

What’s with Birthdays?  Why do we do it?  Once a year, a super big deal or even a mention about someone else in our life.  Their special day, what does that mean?

I have so many questions, but the more I think about these questions the more I explore answers.  Are these just childhood traditions that never have an end and follow us into adulthood?  Or is there more?

I’m starting to believe there is more.  Not because it is their special day, but because we get the opportunity to Remind someone that they are special.  I’m going to start to look at it as a day of Reminders.  One day a year that we get to tell people the things we hope they never forget.  Here’s 3 Reminders that celebrating Birthday’s helps us tell others:

  • 1. I see you.

You’ve seen shadows when you walk around, but have you ever felt like one?  Existing, and people can see you, but they walk all over you at the same time.  Almost invisible.  Birthday’s are a day we get to Remind people in our life that “I see you”.  “I see your flesh and blood and I acknowledge your presence in this world”.  A day to Remind people that even when you feel like a shadow, we all see you.

  • 2. You matter.

Not only do we see you, but when we say something nice about someone on their birthday, we tell them they mean something to the world.  We Remind them of the things we hope they haven’t forgotten over the last year, “You have purpose”.  We believe you matter so much that we want to recognize you today, even if it is a 2-second social media mention, you matter.

  • 3. Good things are up ahead.

I’ve never seen a birthday card that looked like a farewell letter.  They are celebrating that great things are up ahead.  We are wishing people more than just a great day but Reminding them of the hope of the year to come.  More is coming.  Great things are to come.  When we wish someone Happy Birthday we get to say to them, “I can’t wait to see what’s up ahead”.  Even a hopeless day that happened 24 hours earlier can be turned around on someone’s Birthday.  Birthday’s signify a fresh start on a new chapter and give us the momentum of a January 1st New Year’s high.  Good things are up ahead is the reminder we tell others when we say Happy Birthday.

Someone’s birthday is an opportunity to fill them with reminders.  Not one-day truths that mean nothing the following day, but reminders that we hope they take with them throughout the year ahead.  The reminder that “I see you”; “You matter”; and “Good things are up ahead”.

I can’t question is this important anymore.  It has gone from insignificant in my mind to imperative with this one process of thought.  We celebrate Birthday’s because people matter and that’s reason enough for me.

What’s next for me to process out is how do we take this amazing personal celebration and do it all year long.  Better yet, let’s start right now.  Think of ONE person in your life that today you can send them the message in your own words, “I see you”; “You matter”; and “Good things are up ahead”.  Who can you send that to today, birthday or not, just to Remind them of this important truth?

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