Hate showed up in this space and reminded me quickly that the public writing world is similar to the energy and passion that goes into making my house a home and then leaving the front door wide open for anyone to walk in. A hate comment showed up here several years back.  Writing was fun, until I saw it could be responded to with hate.  

I am NOT who you say I am.

I am NOT who you say I am.
I am NOT who you say I am.
I am NOT who you say I am.
I'm having to repeat this over and over again because my thoughts can get fixated on the negative and I quickly forget the positive. Anyone else get stuck there?

Marital Puberty

Puberty was an awful, uncomfortable, and weird stage of life I wish to forget, but we all grow through it and need it for our bodies to grow. What if other areas of our life, like our Marriages, go through puberty to morph us as well.

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