Forgiveness is not popular…in fact, forgiveness isn’t really that pretty either.

But forgiveness is powerful. And forgiveness will work at your soul to produce something so beautiful in your life because it will change the way you see everything out your window. It will change the way you even see yourself.

Forgiveness will tear down the walls of entitlement. Forgiveness will scratch through the surface of pride.
Forgiveness will shine the light of love on the areas you’ve spotlighted with hate.

Forgiveness will change the world, because forgiveness is an expression of how we love. It’s hard and it’s messy. And asking someone to forgive you is both humbling and can feel humiliating. But it is freedom. It is surrender. It is love in every crevice that division wants to rule. And it provides strength over the false sense of security that unforgiveness tries to provide.

There is power and freedom in forgiveness. #freedominforgiveness

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