Waking up from Depression

I have been infected by depression.  It has stung me, it has left its mark, and it has over-stayed it’s welcome.

Depression feels like a dream.  It feels like a fog where you are walking through the motions of your everyday life, unsure of what is real and what is not.  It creates a brain all its own, a way of thinking that is controlled by doubt.

But there’s a way out.

I have been sleeping.  Sleeping so long that I have forgotten to smile.  Sleeping so long that I have missed out on so many adventures.  Sleeping so long just tending my own wounds.

Sleeping so long…too long…and it’s time to wake up.  I have been sleeping.  My fog has become safe and it has kept me quiet.

But I am surrounded. I am surrounded by alarm clocks.

I am surrounded by people that shout for joy.

I am surrounded by birds that sing every morning.

I am surrounded by truth that tears down the walls of all my doubt.

I am surrounded.

I am surrounded by alarm clocks.  By people that pour into me and say: “Wake up, You Sleeper”.  By alarm clocks that remind me, “You are missing so much”.  By little alarm clocks that tug at me to come out and play.  By old alarm clocks that drag me near to listen.  I am surrounded by clocks.

It’s time.  The sting is gone and now I am just sleeping.

“Wake up.  It’s way past time to wake up.  You are late.  Wake Up.”

These are my alarm clocks.  They are all around me, and when I unplug my ears I can hear them.  I can hear them laughing.  I can hear them looking.  I can hear them shouting.  I can hear them hoping.  I am with them.

I am surrounded.

And I am also a clock.  I am a clock that is now jumping, leaping, and shouting.  A clock that is smiling, and tugging, and dragging, and saying to you: “Wake up.  It’s way past time to wake up.  You are late.  Wake Up”.

It’s past time.  Wake up, You sleeper.  Dance like the wind is your partner, sing like there is a microphone right before you, and hug, hug like it’s your last time in front of your friend.  Find an adventure and live it!  See the sun outside and step into it!  Notice the people right in front of you, and just love on them!  It’s past time…

There is a sun that’s coming in the morning, it’s time to Wake Up!

  • “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” Ephesians 5:14
  • “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.”  Isaiah 60:1

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