Avoidance Doesn’t Bring Peace.

We all desire peace ✌🏻 but on the quest for peace we can distort it to mean avoidance.
If we don’t deal with issues in our marriage…peace?
If we don’t have that hard conversation with our coworker…peace?
If we just avoid that person in the hall…peace?
If we don’t visit that family member…peace?
If we don’t talk about our opinions…peace?
In the counseling room, we help people deal with the issues that need healing or need to be dealt with. You know, all those things you’ve been “avoiding” on your quest for “peace”.
But here’s what I have learned, avoidance doesn’t bring peace. Avoidance just reschedules conflict. It pushes it and pushes it until the relationship or topic explodes and demands itself to be listened to.
Let’s listen. Let’s talk. Let’s confront. Let’s forgive. Let’s find peace.


Did this just make your jaw drop?  Did it shift your perspective even slightly?  Or did you shake your head in agreement that you get how true this is in your own life? There are more just like this one, we have a FB page!!!!  You can follow more of the #wordsfromafriend quotes and share them with your friends at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/wordsfromafriend/about/?ref=page_internal

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