Hate showed up in this space and reminded me quickly that the public writing world is similar to the energy and passion that goes into making my house a home and then leaving the front door wide open for anyone to walk in. A hate comment showed up here several years back.  Writing was fun, until I saw it could be responded to with hate.  

The POWER Within

There’s a POWER within you, a power you may be looking everywhere except within to find. But you can activate that POWER even today!

Some of you need permission to do this.

You might have been told:
“Just get over it”.

The Body Never Forgets #mentalhealthawareness

It’s true that the body never forgets.  Even those memories you just push and push and push and push down, the body just doesn’t forget.  This week has given me my own example of watching my body feel what my brain just wants to go away.   
(*Warning - this is a tough post on the reality of mental health awareness and a piece of my story connected to it, just to prepare yourself before you read it.)

I am NOT who you say I am.

I am NOT who you say I am.
I am NOT who you say I am.
I am NOT who you say I am.
I'm having to repeat this over and over again because my thoughts can get fixated on the negative and I quickly forget the positive. Anyone else get stuck there?

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