Being Kind To Yourself When Your World Feels Upside Down

While standing in a yoga class, the instructor tells us to stretch down to the floor and extend our arms and head down to the ground. We take a deep breath inhale, and as we exhale into the stretch, she says, “Now be kind to yourself, for some of you, this is the first time you’ve been inverted today.”

And I exclaim a quiet “yes” in my mind!

I stretch with my head upside down while my therapist brain lingered deep in agreement with her words.

We all need to “be kind to ourselves”. That whatever crazy, upside down, and inverted situations you are going through today, your emotions can feel upside down more than right-side up.

The world makes us feel inverted sometimes.

It’s the emotional version of being dizzy and light headed when the world throws you a curve ball and it seems like all the blood is rushing to your head.

Continue stretching through today’s version of crazy.

Continue to breathe when you feel upside down.

Continue to “be kind to yourself” on your way out of inversion.

First, notice the areas that are upside down in your life. Then, seek out resources and tools to help stand back up. Lastly, find your upside down friends and reach out your hand, they might need your kindness on their way right-side up.

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