A Cry for Help (Psalm 143)

Have you ever experienced turning to God in a cry for help? There are times when we ask nicely that He show up, and times that we desperately plea to Him to be present in an overwhelming hard place in our life. We can turn to Him through our greatest joys, our darkest days, and our search for hope in impossible circumstances. (Click the link to read today's encouragement) a-cry-for-help-psalm-143

The Fight out of Anxiety, Trauma, & Depression

There is strength needed to get out of the difficult times in our life, a strength we don't feel in that moment we have. It is in there, it is coming, hold on, your strength is returning! This is a great read for someone going through a difficult season of their life or for you to understand someone in your life who is.

10 Reasons why I Hate Porn

Porn is a real issue that more people need to talk about and hear the reality of what it does to relationships and to yourself. Here's my passionate thoughts on such a real issue.

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