The Rollercoaster of Grief

I hate this roller coaster of grief.  Up and down, twists and turns, everyday a new ride I didn’t even know I jumped in line for.  When will it stop?  When will this theme park close and let me just breathe?

My heart feels like a puzzle that can delicately be placed puzzle hearttogether but than shattered if not handled with care.

Moments shift and change with each trigger that comes my way.  Triggers of feelings I want to go away.  Sadness of what’s been lost.  Anger that I can’t go back.  Hurt that I trusted.  Joy of what I still have.  Love for the life ahead.  Disappointed at the ‘what if’s’ I will never get to see played out.  And the loneliness of feeling like no one understands.

Grief sucks!  Just plain and simple.  It does what it wants when it wants and you feel like you have to just ride the emotional wave you don’t have time for.  I don’t have time for grief.  I want joy.  I want laughter, I want life and life abundantly.  Not the life this grief is taking from me. I want a smile, a smile that lasts an entire week because my heart feels so full.

Get out of my life grief!

But it’s here.  Grief is the shadow that my fairy tale heart wants to ask Peter Pan how I peter pan and shadowcan scrub it off.  I don’t want it any longer.  I am exhausted of its control on my life.  There has to be more when the fairy tales don’t give us the real life answers we need.  I need to have hope that there is more to come.  I need to have hope that this looming grief shadow can turn into the reminder that the sun must be shining somewhere even if it’s hard to see right now.

Hope is all that is left.  Hope is all I have to hold on to.  Hope is all I have to look to.  Hope is the only anchor keeping me afloat on an ocean with torrential weather.  Hope is all I have left.

And this, this spot right here that I don’t want to be in, this is right where God wants me.

TightropeWith nothing left but the dismay this world offers and the hope His arms can bring into my life.  It is Him.  God is the stronghold in my sorrow.  God is the rock on which I stand when this tightrope begins to shake.  God is my Hope in a world where I pout and stomp my feet when I want everything to go back to the way it was.  God is my only Hope when I miss the friends I once had, the family I wish I could have grown up in, and the heart I wish had never been broken.  God is my Hope.  I am writing this out because I forget it too quickly.  I get stuck in the first couple paragraphs, forgetful of hope in the midst of chaos, forgetful of the existence of light after the power goes out in my heart, forgetful that there is a God that is bigger than my worst day, bigger than a single day, and bigger than the emotions that point me in a negative direction.

be boldI need you to move God!  No more timid requests, no more shy, “please, if you don’t mind God”.  Just bold proclamations that He is a God bigger than the roller coaster I am on.

God, I know you will heal.  I claim it!

God, I know you will restore.  I claim it!

God, I know you will redeem.  I claim it!

God, I know you have a plan.  I claim it!

God, I know you are moving in this very moment in ways I cannot even see.  I claim it!

God, I know you are God and I am not, and I trust you even though I am scared to let go of the control in my life.  I claim it!

God, take my hand, keep me steady as my body jumbles through the ping pong match of grief cycling through anger, sadness, spouts of joy, denial, and just wanting to run away from it all.  I claim your goodness, and now Lord, I am asking you to claim me!

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3 thoughts on “The Rollercoaster of Grief

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  1. Praying for you! And want to encourage you! Thanks for sharing on your blog, I appreciate you sharing your heart.

    A thought in line with today’s entry. 1 Cor 15:13.

    What we hope for, to be free of all the effects of sin, whether ours or someone’s against us, only happens when Jesus comes again and fully reigns over all. If we fixate on that certain hope, it anchors our soul Heb 6:11,19. We can endure all by faith till then with joy. Heb 11. We can say “Of course its not fair, of course it is all broken, of course I am not perfect. But I know it will be!!!! I can hang in there till Jesus comes, while the storms and waves crash around me, because He will quiet ALL the storms when he comes”

    If we try to put our hope in the way things are now before He comes again, try to fix life now, or expect God to fix life now, we lose our anchor and every wind and wave of life bashes us against the rocks. We are more miserable than an unbeliever because we have an expectation of God for right now that will not be met, and it makes us miserable because our corrupted notion of God utterly fails us. And we feel unloved by God. I Cor 15:13. God promise is ultimately to fix it all, make it all right and perfect at the resurrection. I can know I am loved now as I am, and be free of tyrannical expectations till then. Say amen someone!!!

    I know Christ is in you, and I know He has given you enduring faith. And I know He will make those who believe just like Him in a new and wonderful world.

    Hang in there with your anchor on that. 😊 ⚓😊


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