Pray for Boldness

I am praying for boldness this week.  This is the prayer on my heart I am asking God for:

Lord, Teach me to be BOLD. Show me how to be BOLD for your name’s sake. Strengthen my soul so that I emulate the cross, make me a reflection of your heart Lord Jesus. Rise me up so I may be closer to your calling on my life. Make me BOLD to speak of you and yet humble to sit before you.  

Love me Lord as I cling to loving you. Show me that your promises are secure. Let me believe with a steadfast spirit that you are for me, that you fight for me, that I will not be overtaken, and that you are a God of restoration, of healing, of redemption, of love.

 Put your word impressed on my heart so that it is the only truth I know. Let words spoken against your promises be deflected from remaining in my mind.

 Give me BOLDness to be in your story, to be of your story, and that your Glory be shown through the direction you lead my life. Make me BOLD, teach me your strength, rid me of my flesh that taunts my soul. Show me your Grace and teach me to obey.

 Make me a vessel of what I can be and not stuck in yesterday’s mistakes and hurts. Remind me that I belong to you, and you to me. Make me BOLD for you.


Shout an AMEN in the comment section if you are praying that prayer for your life!

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