Spring in Me

The first day of spring brings with it so many ups and downs. Here in North Carolina we call the weather bipolar this time of year because it can’t decide what it wants to do. Everyone tends to get sick and allergies and colds are all over the place as our body reacts to last weeks snow and this week’s 80-degree weather. We don’t know whether to put away the winter clothes or keep them on standby for whatever next week brings.

I get to see the evidence of spring perching out as I stand on my back deck. It is not as beautiful to look at through the winter, but this is the best time of year because the view that was once desolate, brown, and filled with no evidence of life, starts to bloom. If you look closely at the pictures you can see that the leaves aren’t full yet but the tips are green. The tips have color. The tips are filled with the promise that tells me that life is coming, a new season is about to start, the view from the back deck is about to change.

The spot I sit in won’t change, and the location of our deck isn’t going to change, but what I am about to see will. Within the next month these trees will be full, the sound of birds will fill the yard and our flowering bushes will grow, and our dormant Bermuda grass will turn green.

I wish it happened over night. Like a school-girl hopes to wake up on Christmas morning to a yard full of snow, I wish spring to come when I wake up tomorrow morning. It is here, but it is happening slowly, slower than I want it to. It is coming, spring is happening, it just happens with each branch needing to produce growth before I can look in awe at the abundance of a beautiful tree.

I am in season. These trees are me. I am weak, I have felt desolate, I have been dormant.

But my tips are green. There is hope and promise in the trees to bloom in full and there is still a hope in me. I still have life in my tips even if I don’t see it. It is gradual, it is a process, but it is going to be beautiful. I have hope that life after winter is filled with glorious life.

CLF - Olmstead Parks

God gave us seasons, not just because nature needs it and because I love a change of scenery, but because I go through seasons too. I wish they only lasted 3 months, but some are longer than others.

My spring is coming, it is sprouting, not just in my backyard but within me. God grows me at the pace I can handle, at the consistency with which I am listening, and the rate which I am able to obey.

I am sprouting life, there is life in me. I see the green tips outside and I feel them within me. Life, hope, and promises are secure for my future. I see it coming, I can’t wait to see what He does. It has been a long winter, or at least it has felt that way.

Spring is coming. I can feel it’s seed taking root. I can’t wait to see what comes, I can’t wait for a story to tell, the story of God’s great creation in me, the story of a plant that had fallen over questionable for survival, but sprouted stronger and more beautiful than before.

Make me new, I want to be like you Lord Jesus. Let spring enter my soul so the world can see you alive in me!    

flower tree


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