Phrases to Live By

I don’t write these words because they are cemented on my heart but because I need to continually turn back to them, to continue to surrender, to continually be in awe, to believe the life I have in Christ.

To live like I believe it.

The words I need to hear today, that I need to believe, that I need to come back to hour after hour so that I don’t forget:

My HOPE is in the Lord;
My PROMISE is fulfilled in His Word;
My LIFE is in His hands;
My SECURITY is in His Love;
My IDENTITY is formed through my adoption into His family;
My STRENGTH comes from His Power;
My HEART rests in His arms;
My FORGIVENESS was bought in His death and resurrection;
My GIFTS match His calling,
My PERSEVERANCE comes because He doesn’t leave me;
My SUPPORT is here because He is my friend;
My LIFE is in His hands, I TRUST Him, I KNOW Him, I want to know Him more;
He LIVES in me, He IS alive in me, He is alive in ME, HE is ALIVE in ME, and I will live today, this moment at least, these next 10 minutes, or until I have to read this again and again to remind my soul that HE IS ALIVE IN ME!

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