Some of you need permission to do this. You might have been told: “Just get over it”.

The Body Never Forgets #mentalhealthawareness

It’s true that the body never forgets.  Even those memories you just push and push and push and push down, the body just doesn’t forget.  This week has given me my own example of watching my body feel what my brain just wants to go away.    (*Warning - this is a tough post on the reality of mental health awareness and a piece of my story connected to it, just to prepare yourself before you read it.)

The Fight out of Anxiety, Trauma, & Depression

There is strength needed to get out of the difficult times in our life, a strength we don't feel in that moment we have. It is in there, it is coming, hold on, your strength is returning! This is a great read for someone going through a difficult season of their life or for you to understand someone in your life who is.

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