Loved Recklessly

I am filled with the reminder of what it feels like to be loved.  Not just watching a Hallmark special that paints a picture of it, but sitting here with a cup of coffee, the fire going in the fireplace filling the warmth in this room, and hearing on repeat Cory Ashbury sing the song “Reckless Love”.  I don’t know how to change the song right now because I need to hear it, and once just isn’t enough for me to fully get it.

I am loved.  Like truly.

I am not just a little girl hoping for a one day experience, or even a sleeping princess in a castle wishing that someone will one day wake me up.  I am here right now in this moment just feeling how loved I am today.  I am sitting here in awe of a Creator that pushes down the walls I put up in my life just to get to me.

There are so many forms of love, this word “LOVE” we throw around and take for granted much like the air that is around us that we need for survival each and every day.  Here are some of the forms of love I see in my life and the lives of those around me:

  • I love you…with a couple pats on the head
  • I love you…with a fist bump on the shoulder
  • I love you…with a head nod by an unaffectionate family member
  • I love you…by that obnoxious friend you love that hugs you a little longer than you would like
  • I love you…said in a group text so it doesn’t feel too personal with a bunch of friends
  • I love you…said quickly right before you get off the phone
  • I love you…said with a meaningful heart

Those are just a few examples, I am sure you could even come up with a few more.  The one I am really focusing on right now is the last one on my list:

  • I love you…before you took your first breath. I love you…even before you started loving me. I love you…so much so, that I will chase after you when you turn away from me.  I love you…enough that I saw that we couldn’t be together and climbed up the mountains, paid a painful death, was in glory and then came back for YOU.

I don’t even know how to respond to this reckless love.  Reckless because it makes no sense.  I am undeserving, He gains nothing, and I gain everything.  I don’t understand, I can’t fathom, but I sit here in this moment…Loved.  Not questioning it, just trying to understand it.

Me?  You love me?

Not a teenage girl wishing for an unobtainable love, but Loved by a God that fought for me so that I could obtain Him.  I am sitting here thinking about how in the world can I spend today loving Him back.  Loving my God, and Loving back the personal Love that God paid to be with me.

I am overwhelmed to say the least.  He is so, so good to me!

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