Taking your Insecurities through a Security Check

Do you feel safe with yourself?

If you can make sense of that question, it is tapping into the essence of whether or not you are a detriment to yourself.  This may be the first time you have thought about yourself as a danger in any length or form, but in any other area of your life, if you were in danger, if you were being threatened, if there was a chance of harm on you or your loved ones – you would rid this area out of your life.

We need safety, and we seek out security in our lives.

Walking onto a plane we go through the inconvenience of security.  Our belongings are checked and anything that can cause harm is removed.  A cleanse before a flight in the sky.

If gaining security requires an inconvenience to our lives, is it worth it?  Well, that depends on how important security is to your life.

Before you walk out the door this morning, could I encourage you to inconvenience yourself with a cleanse through security on your way out.  There is something you carry with you that needs to stop at this check point.

The insecurities you deal with every day are a weapon you carry around with you in your mind.

Insecurities come within ourselves.  They are phrases and words that find reinforcements all throughout your day:

– Encounters with people that are reminders that you aren’t smart enough.

– A review from a superior saying you aren’t efficient enough.

– Family members being critical that you aren’t doing enough.

– Scrolling through Pinterest to show that you aren’t creative enough.

Enough with the “enough’s” already!

These mental voices, however they got there, wherever they came from, it is time for them to stop!  It’s time to put them in a Ziploc baggy and hand them to the head security officer to be disposed of.  They aren’t safe to take with you.  Time to get these voices confiscated.  Let’s do something about it.

  1. What are the voices of insecurities you hear during the day?
  2. Write them out on little papers and put them in a Ziploc Bag.
  3. Put your bag somewhere as a tangible reminder that you aren’t taking them with you today.
  4. Experience a day without them.  Claim freedom from your insecurities today.  They aren’t with you, you left them at the check point, remember.

If our insecurities are keeping us from living a life of freedom in the present it is time we take our insecurities and put them in security in our lives.  Don’t allow them through the door.  Don’t allow them to walk around and haunt you anymore.  It stops today.


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