I’m Too Young To Make A Difference – Today’s Personal Devotional

I’m too young to make a difference.

I’m too inexperienced to give counsel.

I’m too doubtful to have confidence.

I’m too afraid to make a stand.

These are my beliefs.  Not my truths.  But my beliefs.  These beliefs sit in my head longer than they are welcomed and yet long enough to get comfortable.  These beliefs can control me, these beliefs can isolate me, and these beliefs can immobilize me to stay put in my current position.  They are my beliefs.  They are the twisted beliefs of a distortion I was NOT created in the image of.

They are my beliefs.  But they are not my truths.

They are words of limitation on a vessel meant for movement and a body designed to have an influence.  This battle between what my flesh feels and my soul knows is a war that I forget has already been won.  Instead, somedays I give in, somedays I put up a fight, and somedays I don’t even hear it.

This is my struggle.  But I am not alone.

My comfort in today’s mental fight comes from Jeremiah.  I sit and read his story with a close reality that makes me want to skim quickly to the next page.  He felt it.  He felt God’s calling, but also felt the world’s reasoning.  The world consisting of opposition and the voices of defiance all created in Jeremiah his own personal set of beliefs (Jeremiah 1 paraphrase):

I’m too young to make a difference.

I’m too inexperienced to know what to say.    

I’m too afraid to have confidence.

I’m too timid to make a stand.  

God entered in truth to combat Jeremiah’s beliefs.  God spoke truth, and Jeremiah listened.  I am listening today too.

Here’s the game changer…God doesn’t tell Jeremiah “No you aren’t”, God doesn’t even argue with Jeremiah.

  • In those days, Jeremiah WAS considered young.
  • In those days, Jeremiah HAD a reason to be filled with doubt that he would be heard.
  • In those days, Jeremiah KNEW that he would face opposition.  And God didn’t argue that he would.

God didn’t challenge Jeremiah’s beliefs, God inserted His truth:

  • “Before you were formed I knew you” (Jeremiah 1:6) – You are a somebody to me.
  • “I am with you and will rescue you” (Jeremiah 1:8) – Even if you fall I will be there.
  • “Do not be terrified” (Jeremiah 1:17) – Be more terrified of me if you don’t listen.
  • “I have made you a fortified city” (Jeremiah 1:18) – I have made you a strong tower.

Today, I choose to listen.  Today, I choose to ignore my beliefs and instead hear the voice of truth.  Even if the answer is “Yes” to all my doubts because the answer will be a “Yes” to all God’s truths, and it is His truth that will sustain me.

Yes, I am young, but He will make a difference through me!

Yes, I am inexperienced, but He will guide my counsel!

Yes, I am doubtful, but His confidence in me will be my strength!

Yes, I am afraid, but I will stand secure on His truth!

Friends, these are my truths today.  As you fight through your mental battles, make it personal.  What are the current beliefs that are taking control of what God is telling you to do?  What are your beliefs, and now think through God’s truths.  You are not isolated in today’s turmoil, you have a God that stands firm on His promises and His truths.  Let’s live out our truths today.  Comment below with the beliefs and truths that are on repeat in your head.

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