He Goes Before You

So…here’s the cliche thing for me to say…
“God is going before you in whatever you are dealing with right now.”
That sounds beautiful, and pieces of that just feel comfortable.
But you don’t believe it.
Not truly.
There’s a hesitation of doubt.
There’s an inkling of suspicion that He actually cares about YOU enough to go before you and whatever it is you are in the middle of today.
But He is.
Sure, it doesn’t make sense, and honestly, it’s ok if you don’t believe it and you doubt it, because it won’t change a SINGLE thing.
He goes before you.
And the day will come where the light bulbs over your head will turn on because you see just HOW He went before you when you doubted Him the most.
Here I am, typing this out with light bulbs shining bright over my head with the evidence that HE went before me. That NOTHING was wasted. And His timing is perfect for me to bring and shine His glory now to you.
Your story is unfolding.
God is going before you today friend. I promise, it will all make sense soon.
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