Just Grieve Over It

Some of you need permission to do this.

You might have been told:

“Just get over it”.

Can I give you permission to “Just Grieve over it”?

Allow the areas of hurt, of trauma, of pain, of loss, of sadness, to fully experience grief. Every layer of grief, to “Just Grieve over it”.

Grieve over the situation you lost.

Grieve over the friendships that are gone.

Grieve over the heart that’s been broken.

Grieve over the childhood you wish was different.

Grieve over the career that didn’t pan out the way you thought.

Grieve over the decisions you regret never making.

Grieve even over the decisions you can’t take back.

Give yourself permission to “Just Grieve over it”.

Then invite God into your grief, and watch Him mold beauty and His Glory over the areas you may feel only the resemblance of ashes.

You see, we don’t allow ourselves to grieve when we don’t believe beauty can come out of it.

My story says otherwise. Your story will soon say something similar.

We are all filled with stories where victory comes out from grief, strength that was built through the trenches of grief, new life that was found out of grief.

We are a resurrecting people. We are a people consumed by hope. We can sit in grief because we can believe that purpose can still be found out of it.

You have permission to “Just Grieve over it”, because your God will meet you in your grief and birth something beautiful through it.


You can find life while embracing grief, but first, you need to give yourself permission to feel it.

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