UnQualified and Ready for ACTION

Growing up we spend our life learning what we can become, what we want to spend our days doing, and what gifts we can use for the world.  We use our time, energy, and finances learning about ourselves what we have to offer and work at gaining knowledge for the qualifications necessary for the life we hope to live.

There is a striving to DO SOMETHING, to BE MEANINGFUL, and to FIND PURPOSE.

We want to make a difference, we aim to have an impact on the world, but we also learndo-something our limitations.  Our dreams can often feel bigger than the accomplishments our hands can make or the words of influence we need a voice to say.  We can imagine the perfect opportunity but the job description reminds us we aren’t qualified.  We don’t have the best education or enough experience.  We are a “quick learner” is the line we use to make us sound more qualified.

These are all descriptions of the world, of the dust in our flesh that has developed thoughts on how we relate to the world around us.  “We are limited and therefore not good enough and won’t measure up”, this is the line floating through our heads when the moments of doubt begin to take over.

be_meaningful_dribbbleFinding a job can need certain qualifications and requirements for you to get the opportunity of a lifetime you have been searching for, but to accomplish your desire to DO SOMETHING, to BE MEANINGFUL, and to FIND PURPOSE, that you can do without being qualified.

Having an influence needs only two steps, a call to action and an answer to that call!  I know it sounds too simple and we tend to only think something is profound if it sounds complicated but this is it, this is the two-step secret.

  • The strength to DO SOMETHING requires only that you move.
  • The ability to BE MEANINGFUL happens when you move in an area that brings you passion.
  • The search to FIND PURPOSE needs only the gifts and talents you already possess.

I am moved today, by the many families that are hosting or in the process of adopting a purpose signchild into their “forever family” at our church.  These families welcomed kids into their lives last night at the airport as these kids traveled cross country for their summer visit to their American homes.  The many families that are answering a call that last year they may not have even known.  They are difference makers, not because of their qualifications, not because of their 9-5 jobs, but because of their call and answer to ACTION!

There is a call on our lives.  It can be a loud voice or a soft whisper in your ear right now.  It can feel almost like a poke, a nudge, and sometimes a push to movement in a particular area of your life.  It’s time to sit and listen.  To be completely uncomfortable, unqualified, but ready for ACTION.

What is the call you are hearing right now?  Where is an area where you can make a difference?  What is the thing that you know you could have an influence on but your lack of qualifications prevents you from movement and serves as a comforting excuse?

To DO SOMETHING, to BE MEANINGFUL, and to FIND PURPOSE needs only a willing heart.  You can be completely unqualified but can make a difference just stepping out in ACTION.

What are you being called to make an influence in that needs you to take a step of action?  How can you start taking one step today to answer that call?



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