Living through a Scary Movie called Trauma


It’s a word that feels like we’re about to watch a scary movie, just minus the popcorn, and minus the choosing that this movie is now a part of your life.

It’s just a scary movie. One you’re not excited about. At. All.

The more I help clients in psychotherapy, the more I’ve come to realize how common it is for us all to have “scary movie” experiences we’ve lived through and struggle to talk about.


So what’s the antidote?

My answer….Healing.

If Trauma = Hurt (and most of you have learned by now that I’m pretty passionate that Hurt needs Healing) then Trauma would also need Healing since a layer of Hurt is almost always present. In order to heal, we need to address that there is/was Trauma.

Healing and Avoidance are not the same.

Addressing issues in safe environments can help roll the credits on those scary movies that need a healing layer of closure to your life.

Tips from a therapist:

Find a safe environment.

Address the Trauma.

Recognize the Hurt.

Find Healing.

Notice the growth.

Then, go eat some popcorn to enjoy the movie of your wonderful life that’s waiting up ahead!

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