Emotional Triggers

We ALL have triggers!

Triggers we already know about, and some triggers we haven’t yet discovered.


Let me answer a few questions…

• “So, what is it?”

I define an emotional trigger as a particular sensitivity your body has to a certain stimulus.

• “Where do they come from?”

They can come from our past experiences or our learned behaviors.

• “Is something wrong with me for having a trigger?”

Let me answer that with this…if you had a gluten sensitivity, I wouldn’t say something was wrong with you, so why jump to that conclusion for an emotional sensitivity? Nothing is wrong with you, you just need to be aware of your body and mind and the way it responds to the world, situations, and encounters you have with others. *Know your triggers much like you know what you’re allergic to.

• “Can I get over it?”

Well, I don’t like the phrase “over it”. I hope you find “healing” and “freedom” through it. (Anyone that tells you the words “get over it” about ANYTHING, probably has their own issues with empathy.) Don’t make your goal to “get over it”, make your goal to:

(a) heal over the place the trigger first entered your life;

(b) learn healthy ways to respond when a trigger shows up;and

(c) know how to speak up and have boundaries for yourself around the area you have a recurring trigger.

**Last thing…Therapy helps! Don’t quit too early. Often people come into a counselor’s office when they feel triggered, and then quit coming when the trigger goes away. That’s quitting too early!!

(1) Notice the trigger.

(2) Find healing on the cause of the trigger.

(3) Prepare for ways to avoid or respond the next time the trigger shows up.

(People quit therapy before that last and VITAL step)


Reach out to a therapist today to talk about your triggers, because here’s what the rest of the world doesn’t want you to know…WE ALL HAVE THEM! .



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