The POWER Within

You are filled with POWER!

More power than you understand.

More potential than that beautiful mind can fathom.

Your brain is filled with the inner workings of a grand design, and an even grander designer.

This vast potential for living and understanding all lies within YOU. And yet, you will instead, spend most of your life trying to obtain a worldly sense of power, without fully tapping into this magnificent POWER that lies within the complexities of your skeletal skull.

Tap into that POWER today. A power that needs no down payment, no monthly fees, and no contracts to get started. It is within YOU, it just needs to be activated!

Your mental health can tap into the POWER of your thoughts.

Your physical health can tap into the POWER of your actions.

Your spiritual health can tap into the POWER of the Holy Spirit that dwells in and among us.

How’s that for a great way to kickstart a Monday!?!

Which POWER do you need to give more credit to this week?

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